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dr. joann rucker

Cedar Hill ISD Assistant Superintendent

Dr. Joe Rucker is an Assistant Superintendent at Cedar Hill ISD. Her focus has been to drive opportunities for her students in technology fields and helping transform her community to take advantage of any opportunities in technology. Some of her most notable accomplishments include securing millions of dollars in grant funding, landing a T-STEM designation, and redesigning professional development to garner a more lasting impact. She has trained, motivated, and inspired administrators, teachers, parents and district leaders in effective school improvement practices for educating students across all grade levels, which included presenting at conferences across the state and nation.

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Tyshayla Whittaker

Cedar Hill ISD STEAM Coordinator

For thirteen years Shay has served CHISD students at the campus level as an advanced academics teacher, interventionist and instructional coach. She has also served in several leadership positions overseeing the math curriculum, professional development, family & community engagement and STEAM. She currently oversees the Career & Technical Education as well as Math instruction for the Cedar Hill 9th Grade Center.

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Mary Helen Hill

Fort Worth ISD CTE Manager 

She has her principals certificate and has been integral to the bilingual program at Fort Worth ISD. She is a leader who inspires others.