Shane "The Mensa" Haggerty

Chief Innovation Officer

Shane Haggerty, is the co-founder of Five Star Innovation, LLC. and head of new projects and competitions. Shane is an incredible leader impacting not only the school board in Ysleta ISD but transforming the region of El Paso and Juarez through his relationships and heart for community.   


Chad "Gig Em" Green

Chief Executive Officer

Chad Green, is the co-founder of Five Star Innovation, LLC.  He is the visionary who inspires all of us here to stay at the forefront of innovation, developing the best opportunities for our future.... the children we serve!

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Louis "The Godfather" Reyes

The Godfather of Global Partnerships

The Godfather of Global Partnerships, Louis Reyes is a US military veteran who has helped transform education in Texas and beyond! A former president of the Mexican-American School Board Association, Louis develops and mentors international partnerships with countries, companies and educational entities.

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Kim "The Professor" Pries

Chief Learning Officer

Kim is an incredible professional with over eight books written. He managed and developed manufacturing plants and processes for most of his professional life until he decided to retire and become a teacher. He now live to inspire the next generation by developing STEM Curriculum for Five Star Innovation.

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Melissa "The Data Miner" Melendez

Chief Research Officer

Melissa is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Teaching, Learning and Culture Program at the University of Texas El Paso. She is set to graduate in the fall of 2018. She is a qualitative researcher focusing on STEAM Education and gender equity. In addition, Melissa works at a large school district as the Assistant Director of Staff Development and teaches a course for Women's and Gender Studies at UTEP. Melissa is a proud mother of three daughters and thrilled to work in collaboration with Five Star Innovation.

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Noah "The Ginger Ninja" Shelton

Marketing Imagineer Manager

Noah is in charge of our marketing department. He is designing logos, building websites and developing the coolest t-shirts. He is currently a student at McKinney High School and can dunk a basketball like a gorilla. He is a design freak and we are happy to have him on the team.