The largest regional competition in the Western Hemisphere! 

     RoboRAVE Texas is a proud member of the RoboRAVE International family, that boasts competitions in over 20 countries, on 5 continents!  Last year, 180 teams competed at RoboRAVE Texas, and we anticipate even more this year!! We will host a great number of events that will be seen at the national competition, in Albuquerque, Nm., this May, and are listed below! 


Come be a part of the RoboRAVE Texas competition -- that teaches us "Fun While Learning"


All RoboRAVE Texas events will strictly follow the rules set by the international, and will see competitors from 3 states and 2 nations! 

REMINDER: You must sign up by February 22nd to be eligible to compete!

Signup is easy at: www.RoboRAVE.org

Link to:  What you need to know for competition day

RoboRAVE Texas Challenges:


Fire Fighting

Design, build, and program an autonomous robot that can locate 4 lit candles, approach, and extinguish each one without contact.



Design, build, and program an autonomous robot that can push one or more opponent sumo robot(s) off an elevated wrestling ring. Sumo robot with a maximum weight limit, 1 kg for ES/MS Mini Class, 2 kg for MS/HS Medium Class, and 3 kg for HS/BK Mega Class.



Design, build, and program a line following robot that can carry a knight that will knock off your opponent’s knight by using it’s lance.


a MAZE ing

Design, build, and program an autonomous robot capable of completing an elevated maze in  2 minutes or less. The faster you can complete this tasks increases your overall score.

line follower.jpg

Line Following

An autonomous robot must follow a line to a tower, stop, deliver at least 1 ping pong ball, and return to home under 3 minutes. If time permits, the robot must then deliver a set number of balls for each division. Once the team has delivered the required number of balls, the time is stopped; however, a team can use all 3 minutes if needed.

Link to:  What you need to know for competition day
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