We provide a wide range of services, from curriculum and instruction, to robots and regional competitions

Robotics Competitions

Five Star Cups

We run regional, state, and national level robotics competitions for students -- grades 3-12, that are qualifiers for international competitions in the U.S. and across the globe.  Our competitions are open platform, low cost, and high impact!  Students compete for trophies, scholarships, and internships.


Want to host a regional competition  at your district and earn money for your school or organization?  Contact us to learn how.  We partner with you and help develop community relationships to have true collaboration and buy-in to ensure your students have the best opportunities provided for them.

Professional Development and Robotics Workshops


Have you always wanted a robotics program but don't know where to start?  Do you already have one but want customized workshops on the competitions we offer?  We have a wide range of solutions we can provide to your district or organization including professional development for teachers, robotics workshops for students, a hybrid of both, or even continuing education for your organization.  We don't specialize in any one brand of robot.  We will run workshops using the robots you already own, or we can certainly bring in our own.

Five Star Inquiry Based Curriculum

Dollar Bills

Our Inquiry Based curriculum is designed to provide teacher of Math, Science and English pre-made lessons that help them bring engineering projects, robotics and coding into their classroom with increasing levels of complexity so that can watch their students become innovation thinkers. This program provides fifty weeks of curriculum appropriate for Primary, Middle and High School Classrooms. Copyright is purchased by building but school district volume discounts are available.

3-Year Strategic plans for superintendents and districts


We can assist in rolling out a road map that will set your organization on the path to reaching that next level of STEM education and positively impact student outcomes.

Coming Soon:

Ultra-Low cost Robots


We are currently developing an ultra-low cost robot that fits perfectly in any budget; but offers all the capability, sensors, and functionality of robotic kits that cost hundreds of dollars.  0% soldering 100% programmable, 100% fun!

Coming Soon:

Regional Competition in your area!

Do you want to have a regional competition in your area, while earning money for your district, club or organization?  We will work with you to set up and run a competition, set up scholarships, internships, and design ways for your organization to earn funds that can be used to grow and sustain your program.  Contact us to learn how to get started.

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